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Thermoforming/Vacuum Forming

Thermoforming/Vacuum Forming is a low cost alternative for creating various end use products out of plastics.

In fact a great majority of the products in your home from food containers to canoes, office area, from file holders and waste bins, or factory area, from in process material handling to shipping trays have been made using this process.

The method is not new the process simplistically is a sheet of raw material is elevated in temperature until it reaches a plastic state, the mold or plastic moves into position, vacuum is applied and the plastic is cooled to a stable temperature whereby it is removed and trimmed.

Spring Valley Plastics is a cut above the rest, offers much, much more and brings many years of diverse plastics processing knowledge to be made available to you.

We offer competitive quoting and would be pleased to share our expertise.

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Pictured below, and captured at the moment that Vacuum is just being applied, is a component being made.

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